Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our mission to bring together communities across Australia to enjoy this amazing activity.

Our History

Team Penning Australia was formed in 2007 by some people that got together and wanted to have uniform rules through out Australia for Team Penning. With the assistance of USTPA and Phil Mainey, the decision was made to go ahead. TPA  Inc is based in Tamworth NSW, with a general meeting held with all interested parties in late 2007 and President elect Bob Lee was happy with the decision that was made, that the main stream of the association was for uniform rules and for other small clubs to affiliate with TPA Inc.

With the sport being so popular through out the New England & North West regions of NSW and all over Asutralia, the need was there to make it all happen. TPA Inc held its first official day on 14th Feb 2009 at the Don Willis Indoor Arena holding the first “Team Penning Clinic” in Australia by Phil Mainey, who was the 2007-2008 US Team Penning Champion. This day was very successful with Phil hoping to return at 2 yearly intervals for clinic.

From this day on TPA has held a team penning day on the 3rd Sunday of each month with great success.
In September 2009 was the first of many charity events to come, held at AELEC-Tamworth with TPA donating $4000. to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service based in Tamworth.

2010 has started with great participation from riders all over NSW. With the introduction of Arena Sorting with TPA being the first to hold this event in Australia also, Arena Sorting has become a very popular horse sport also, and in the US has become a far more wanted sport to attend then team penning.

At the 2010 Sydney Royal Easter Show, TPA Inc had 2 teams represting the association with one team placing 3rd in the event in Sydney. Which was a great achievement for the association, in only the 2nd year of conception.
This year will see the first time ever the Hawkesbury River Saddlery Co. “Australian Team Penning National Championships”. This event was held over 4 days from Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th September 2010 at AELEC – Tamworth NSW. Riders travelled from all parts of Australia to attend and the event prooved to be a great success. 2011 is already in the planning with TPA working closely with Heath Harris to ensure it will be an even bigger event.

With a great hard working committee and a lot of local support the success of TPA has just grown beyond all expectations and is slowly acheiving in a professional manner what the main aim was to do.